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Indian Black Buck

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The handsomely colored black buck, or Indian antelope, stands about 32 inches at the shoulder. The usual length of the horn varies from 16 to 20 inches. The upper parts of the animal are jet black and the lower parts white.

This antelope never enters forest nor high grass, and is but rarely seen amongst bushes. When not much pursued or fired at, it will often allow men to come in the open within about one hundred and fifty yards, some-times nearer. Carts and natives can approach still closer. The black buck feeds at all hours, although it generally rests during the middle of the day. In certain districts, where there is no fresh water except in deep wells, it is certain that these animals never drink; but several observers have proved that in other places they, at least occasionally, drink freely. Like the springbok, the black buck frequently leaps high in the air when running.

The speed and endurance of these animals are well known; and it is but very seldom that they are pulled down on good ground by greyhounds. In heavy sand, or on soft ground during the rains, they are, however, easily overtaken by good dogs; and wounded bucks may be ridden down. The favorite method of hunting them, however, is with the chita, or hunting leopard.

Young fawns are generally concealed by the does in long grass. The bucks utter a short grunt, and the does a kind of hissing sound when alarmed.

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