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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

There is not much sport in hunting nilgai, the largest of the Indian antelope. In closely settled districts they are as tame as domestic cattle, and in the unsettled districts where they are shy, they are easily ridden down by a good horse. They are a poor trophy after they are shot, as the meat lacks flavor.

The nilgai is exclusively a native of India, being entirely unknown even in Ceylon. The animal is peculiar in having the fore limbs longer than the hinder.

Nilgai are found either on the plains or in low hills, generally preferring ground covered with thin bush, among which are scattered low trees, or alternations of scrub-jungle with open grassy plains. They are but seldom met with in thick forest, although far from unfrequent on cultivated grounds.

Only the males have horns, which are short, smooth and nearly straight, directed upward and backward. Nilgai both graze and browse, and in the cold season they drink but once in two or three days.

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