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The Story Of Wild Animals:
 Acrobatic Monkey

 Long-nose Monkey

 Sacred Monkeys Of India.


 Story Of The Antelope




 Gnu, Or Wildebeest

 Pala Or Roy-bock

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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The marmoset is a most interesting little creature. It is exceedingly sensitive to cold, and when out of its own country is usually occupied in nestling among the materials for its bed, which it heaps up in one corner and out of which it seldom entirely emerges. It will eat almost any article of food, but is especially fond of insects, which it dispatches in a very adroit manner. It will also eat fruits, especially those of its native country. Its fondness for insects has been carried so far that it has been known to pinch out the figures of beetles in books and swallow them.

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