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 Sacred Monkeys Of India.


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Sacred Monkeys Of India

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The monkey called the Entellus is held sacred in some parts of India, particularly in Lower Bengal. The origin of the extreme veneration, which multitudes cherish for this animal, is involved in the obscurity of their early history, and may be traced back to the most remote periods. Some years ago, a rajah spent 100,000 rupees in marrying two monkeys, with all the parade of a Hindoo wedding. The festivities on such an occasion always take place at night.

On the so-called marriage of the monkeys, there were seen in the procession, elephants, camels, horses, richly caparisoned, palanquins, flambeaux, and lamps. The male monkey was fastened in a gaily-decked palanquin, having a crown on his head, with men standing by his side to fan him, as they would a human being. Then followed singing and dancing girls in carriages, and for twelve days the festivities were carried on at the monkey palace.

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