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Long-nose Monkey

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The kahau, or proboscis monkey, is a native of Borneo. It derives its name from the cry it utters, which is a repetition of the word "kahau" It is remarkable for the extraordinary size and shape of its nose, and the natives relate that while leaping it holds that organ with its paws, apparently to guard it against the branches. It is not an animal of very captivating appearance; but when it has been macerated in spirits of wine for a few months, its ugliness is quite supernatural. Naturalists formerly supposed that there were two species of this animal the nose of one being aquiline and that of the other being slightly turned up. It was discovered, however, that the latter animal was only the young kahau, whose little nose had not reached its full beauty. The length of the animal from the head to the tip of the tail is about four feet four inches; and its general color is a sandy red, relieved by yellow cheeks and a yellow stripe over the shoulders.

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