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The Story Of Wild Animals:
 Acrobatic Monkey

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 Sacred Monkeys Of India.


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Acrobatic Monkey

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The Agile Gibbon is a native of Sumatra. This species, too, is included in the man-like apes. It derives its name of Agile, from the wonderful activity it displays in launching itself through the air from branch to branch. One of these creatures, that was exhibited some time since, sprang with the greatest ease through distances of twelve and eighteen feet: and when apples or nuts were thrown to her while in the air, she would catch them without discontinuing her course. She kept up a succession of springs, hardly touching the branches in her progress, continually uttering a musical but almost deafening cry. She was very tame and gentle, and would permit herself to be touched or caressed. The height of the gibbon is about three feet, and the reach of the extended arms about six feet. The young gibbon ,is of a paler color than its parent.

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