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Edmund Clarence Stedman

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Edmund Clarence Stedman has done immense service to American literature by his poems and criticisms, and by his editing the "Library of American Literature" (11 vols. 1890-92), the "Victorian Anthology" (1895), and a complete edition of "Poe's Works" (1895). He was born at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1833, and was educated at Yale College. For twelve years he was a journalist in the country, at New York and with the army. In 1864 he became a broker in New York, yet he has steadily kept up a connection with literature. His poems were collected in 1884 and a later volume was added in 1897. His important critical work is seen in "The Victorian Poets" (1875) and "The Poets of America" (1880). In these books the chief poetical productions of the Century are subjected to careful, discriminating and suggestive inspection. His own poems are chiefly lyrical, celebrating events of the time in appropriate and memorable verse. Among the notable pieces are "How Old Brown took Har-per's Ferry," "The Hand of Lincoln," "Pan in Wall Street."

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