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Acting And Mimicry:
 Acting And Mimicry

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 Exercises For Elasticity

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 Elements Of Mimicry - Part 3

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Exercises For Elasticity

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

All heaviness and stiffness must be avoided in poses in walking, in seating and in other gestures. A study of the fundamental rules of dancing will be helpful to the aspirant. But the ballet teacher should be carefully selected, as it is of the highest importance that no fox trot or ragtime movements be incorporated in the principles of opera acting. It goes without saying, then, that a man with stage experience is preferable.

The few illustrations below will serve to show the parts of the body to be brought into play in developing the agility and elasticity required in an actor. They will prove helpful exercises to-ward this end if faithfully practiced. Each exercise should be repeated from ten to twenty times, the singer persevering, in spite of the sore muscles and consequent aches and pains incident to the first attempts.

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