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Acting And Mimicry:
 Acting And Mimicry

 What Is Mimicry?

 Acting—opera And Stage

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 Exercises For Elasticity

 Elements Of Mimicry - Part 1

 Elements Of Mimicry - Part 2

 Elements Of Mimicry - Part 3

 Elements Of Mimicry - Part 3

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What Is Mimicry?

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Language is the expression of thought and the emotions of the soul by words; mimicry is the expression of thought and these emotions by gesture and facial movements. If the language of words is universal, the language of mimicry is none the less so. For, no matter how diverse may be the tongues of the nations, their peoples may yet meet upon the common ground of gesture and the interpreting play of the features. In every-day life we know the importance of sign language to be such as often to take the place of words; as an instance of which we may cite the case of those unfortunates, the deaf mutes; while to glean an idea of its power on the stage, we need only call to the reader's attention the eloquence of the pantomime, the ballet and the silent drama of the screen. To recapitulate, then, mimicry is an art in which the body or its parts are engaged, and its duties are to complete, or substitute for, language. In order to determine the essential characteristics of stage mimicry, the study of poses, of "facial acting," and of general attitude is vital.

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