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Care For Mother

It was a very cold night in mid-winter. The snow fell fast and the wind blew furiously, but notwithstanding the storm the streets of Có were crowded with people who had ventured out to, hear George Angell, a distinguished lecturer, whose services for one evening the people of C had taken great pains to secure, and it would not do to miss the treat. Now, as they wended their way homeward they felt well paid for braving the wintry blast. George Angell was the only son of a widowed mother; she many a time, when he was a little boy, had bent over the wash-tub, doing some neighbor's washing that she might procure the necessaries of life for herself and child. Mrs. Angell considered an education of more value to her son than anything that wealth could buy, and to help him secure this she had denied herself many of the comforts of life that she might otherwise have enjoyed. As she listened that evening, for the first time, to his stirring tones of eloquence, and heard the glad cheers of the admiring throng, she could not but feel thankful, that she had done what she could to help and encourage him to work his way onward until he had reached so high a standard of excellence.

George did not disdain to walk home by his aged mother's side, and as the storm beat against them he said tenderly:

"Mother, put your arm through mine and lean on me: I think you could walk more easily."

As the mother did so she impulsively said:

" George, I was very proud of you to-night."

" I am very proud, too, to -night, mother," he said, "proud that I can care for you. This is the first time that you ever leaned upon me, but oh, how many times I have leaned upon you, and 'I am glad to see this hour when it is in, my power to return some of your kindnesses."

The mother did not mind the wind or the cold snow as it beat against her face, her heart was so warm with love for the noble boy by her side, whom she had once so tenderly carried in her arms, but who now grown to a tall, noble man, was so ready to care for her.

There were few scenes in George Angell's life that he recalled with more pleasure than that walk through the streets of Có, with his loving mother leaning on his arm. Far sweeter, in after years, was the memory of their conversation than all the plaudits ever received in the lecture room. He who commanded children to honor their father and mother, will surely bless every child who is proud to be a staff to them in their declining years.

( Originally Published 1887 )

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