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All Is Not Gold That Glitters

"Oh see! I've found a prize," said little Ella May as she clambered over the rugged rocks and up the steep hillside a full half rod in advance of her companions, to gain the sparkling gem that shone like a diamond in the bright rays of the morning sun ; but why that look of disappointment?

Instead of a gold bracelet all set with diamonds she finds nothing but a few fragments of broken glass. Ah child ! you have learned quite young that "all is not gold that glitters;" but the sorrow of that disappointment was soon forgotten by that light-hearted one in the bright hopes of life as her glad heart reaches out for something still beyond, another glittering prize. Years roll on, the prize is gained, luxury and ease are hers ; and instead of the half wild country school girl that we loved so much and used to often meet, we see a fashionable city belle surrounded by every luxury that wealth can procure. With gold came friends, friends that vowed love and constancy, that were happy if they could but gain a seat by her side, a smile from her lips ; but time discloses another scene. The parents of Ella May lie cold in death beneath the churchyard mound. Wealth too is gone and with it all the friends who seemed so devoted in by-gone days. Those whom she once considered true have grown so cold and distant that they pass her by without one nod of recognition not even one smile from one of those fashionable ones who but a short time since hung with rapture upon her every word. Not one would now offer a friendly hand to the poor sewing girl ; and she says bitterly, "all is not gold that glitters." Youthful hearts are usually buoyant and Ella May was soon striving for another glittering prize.

In the not far distant future she saw the shining wreath of fame ready to be placed upon her brow and with a will that knew no denial she sought the wished for gem. Long weary years through poverty and want she toiled till at last the world crowned her queen of song; but even this shining wreath brought not the happiness for which she sighed ; and as she looked back over a life spent only for self she turned away in disgust murmuring in bitterness of heart, "all is not gold that glitters." Then meekly at the Saviour's feet she lays her trophies down and her heart at once overflows with love for all mankind, and the joy that only a redeemed soul can know was hers.

She finds at last the gem of gems, worth more than any from Golconda's richest mines, the "Pearl of great price."

( Originally Published 1887 )

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