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Reader, did you ever think how swiftly opportunities are passing away never more to return? To-day you may have an opportunity to do an act of kindness, which, if improved, will make your name shine brightly upon the earth, and as a star through all eternity ; but with the day the opportunity is gone forever. To-day you meet an erring sister, a fällen brother ; you have an opportunity to lift them out of the degradation into which they have fallen, and make them bright and shining lights in the world. Do this, and in that Great Day, when all things are made known, "millions shall rise up and call you blessed;" but neglect it, and to-morrow the opportunity is gone, and with it all the honor and glory which lay within your reach.

Today you have a beautiful thought, brought you, perhaps, by a ministering angel. Tell it, write it, send it out into the world to bless mankind, and nations may revere your name and hand it down to the latest posterity; but neglect to do this, and with the day the opportunity is gone, and you live and die unhonored and unknown. Then improve every opportunity for doing good. Re-member,

"The mill cannot grind With the water that is past."

( Originally Published 1887 )

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