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Recreation In The Rural Community

The two previous sections have dealt with play in the home and the school, and have had primarily to do with young children. This section is concerned with the recreation of adolescents and adults. It aims to show what kinds of recreation are being organized in the open country and are suited to the open country, what the essential problems of rural recreation are and how these are bound up with various industrial conditions and methods.

It seems to the writer that the following problems lie at the foundation of the whole matter, and that no satisfactory solution of the country's need can be had without disposing of them. Country people are working much too long hours during a part of the year at least ; they cannot play unless there is some time to play. Long hours and lack of scientific training is making drudgery of activities that might be done in a play spirit if the hours were shorter and a deeper interest in the processes concerned had been created. Life is over-serious and materialistic in the country ; it must come to appreciate spiritual ideals and the value of play. Life is dull and unattractive to the boys and girls ; there must be infused into it the spirit of adventure and romance. As the farm people cannot be sociable in their daily lives, there must be some center where they can get together, both in summer and in winter, but especially in winter, as that is the time when the farmer has most leisure. The great weakness in the whole situation is lack of leadership, and this the country must provide at public expense.

( Originally Published 1914 )

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