Theatre Of Today - Leipzig Theaters

( Originally Published 1914 )

FOR the fiscal year of 1913 the Intendant of the Leipzig theaters, Geheimrat Max Martersteig, asked of the municipal counsel $250,000. This was, however, much larger than customary in Leipzig, due to the expense of the Wagner cycle arranged to celebrate the centenary of Wagner's birth in Leipzig.

The Leipziger Buhne has collected the following recent data as to Municipal subsidies in Germany. The amounts are given for the month, and in marks (four marks equalling a dollar). Mannheim, 57,610 marks per month ; Freiburg, 51,130; Frankfurt, 46,690; Breslau, 41,834; Düsseldorf, 36,313; Cologne, 35,644; Essen, 32,616; Dortmund, 26,213; Augsburg, 24,657; Barmen, 21,576; Aschen, 18,280; Magdeburg, 13,356; Kiel, 13,092 ; Lübeck, 12,919.

Material collected several years ago by Mr. William Archer, of London, shows the following Continental subsidies: Expended by the French government in Paris for the Comédie Francaise, $48,000; Odéon (not strictly a national theatre), $20,000; Opéra, $160,000 ; Opéra Comique, $60,000 ; $5,000 to the pension fund of the Opéra; $9,200 for the library of the Opéra ; in all $347,200. In addition to this the government pays for the maintenance of the theatre buildings, and expends nearly $50,000 annually for musical education (outside of the public schools) in Paris and the provinces. The city of Paris also subsidises two municipal theatres.

Municipal subsidies in the French provinces : Lyons, $50,000; Bordeaux, $50,000 ; Toulouse, $50,000 Rouen, $25,000 ; Vichy, $60,000 ; Nantes, $20,000 ; Toulon, $20,000; Rennes, $20,000; Lille, $20,000. These figures, of course, may vary year by year.

Other European subsidies: Berlin Royal Opera House, $225,000; Berlin Royal Theater, $50,000; Hamburg, Cassel and Wiesbaden Royal opera houses, $45,000 each (the amount varying between them from year to year, according to special needs). Vienna Royal Opera House, $142,500; Vienna Burgtheater, $130,000.

Messrs. William Archer and Granville Barker, in their book, "Plans and Estimates for an English National Theatre," made detailed estimates for a theatre of adequate proportions but economic management. A digest of their figures shows $23,000 a year to be expended for the general directing staff; $143,885 for the performers; $16,885 for the "front of house;" $19,500 for the music staff; $51,385 "behind the scenes;" and $47,540 for general expenses; making a total yearly expenditure of $302,195. This was to cover the expenses of 365 performances extending through 48 weeks, and came to 8885 a performance, exclusive of authors' royalties, which it was estimated would bring the expense up to $980. It was estimated that a stable national theatre would require an initial expenditure and guarantee fund totalling to $1,650,000.

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