Floor Coverings - Care Of Rugs

( Originally Published 1931 )

Although this is a problem of housekeeping rather than of shopping, the buyer of a good rug or carpet must keep certain things in mind if she would get the service which she expects from her selection in the store.

1. Always lay rugs or carpets on smooth surfaces.

2. Never pull an apparently loose yarn or tuft out of a rug; cut it off even with the rest of the pile, for it escaped the shearing of the pile in the factory.

3. If a tear or hole develops, have it mended quickly and by an expert.

4. In the case of machine-made rugs with cut-pile surface the first few cleanings will produce large rolls of fluff. These are the short and broken fibers. lf you have selected a rug of good, stiff yarn, there is no need to be excited by this fluff, which may seem to be of alarming bulk but really is insignificant in comparison with the compact fiber left in the pile.

5. The deeper the pile the more difficult and the more important it is to clean a rug thoroughly to the very roots of the tufts, as otherwise fine grit becomes imbedded and grinds through the fibers at their base. Beating is very bad for rugs and sweeping with a broom drives much of the surface dirt deeper into the pile. Vacuum cleaners are not merely labor-saving devices; in their improved models they are the most efficient method of removing dirt. Even so, rugs should be washed every year or so.

6. Never send to a laundry a rug containing paper fiber.

7. Where wool rugs are rolled up and stored for the summer, they should be thoroughly cleaned first, then carefully wrapped in paper. Too much faith should not be put in anti-moth compounds.

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