Menticulture - New York Herald, Oct. 19, 1895

( Originally Published 1901 )


It is a pleasure to come upon a book which is entirely out of the beaten track, I happen to have one at hand, a small volume of less than one hundred and fifty pages, and I have read it with mingled emotions, consisting partly of entire agreement with the writer and partly of dissent.

Now, what is the conclusion reached? Why, that you can get wholly rid of worry and anger, and thereby double the happiness of life. * * It is worth trying for, and this little book has a quantity of good advice in it. You nervous people who want to carry the whole world on your shoulders, you rest-less folk who are constantly quarreling with fate and fortune, you misanthropes who see the cloud but never the silver lining, read Menticulture and ponder its many truths. You will not be wholly pleased with it, but assuredly you will be greatly interested, and the chances are that you will look yourself over more carefully, and reach the conviction that you have wasted a good deal of time and energy in useless worry.

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