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Menticulture - New York Herald, Oct. 13, 1895

( Originally Published 1901 )

Portions of a short sermon by the Rev. George H. Hepworth, D.D., on the text, "Thou Shalt Not Worry." "Sufficient Unto the Day Is the Evil Thereof."ŚMatthew vii., 34.

No man ever suffered more than Christ did, and none has been pricked by so many thorns. And yet He calmly tells us to possess our souls in peace, not to anticipate the future; neither to worry about what may happen to-morrow, but to bear as best we may whatever burden is on our shoulders and let the morrow take care of itself. He does not speak of this as the best policy to pursue, but as an imperative duty imposed by the universe and by God, who decreed them. What does He mean by this strange utterance? Perhaps by searching we may find out.

Worry, to begin with, is useless. It produces no good result. On the contrary, it is utterly destructive in its nature. So far from preparing you to overcome disaster, it renders you unfit to meet it. It debilitates the soul and robs you of the very strength which you pray for, because you see it will be needed. To worry is to endure an agony before its time, and so prolong your misery.

It is profitable for you to so far anticipate the effect of a given cause that you prepare to meet it, but when you have done all that can be done it is exceedingly unprofitable to so weaken yourself by worry that the coming sorrow is doubled in weight. As much as lies in your power and it is a quality of character which admits of great development live in today. Cultivate a quiet and peaceful frame of mind. He did it, and was undisturbed by threatening circumstance, and you may follow. What you are doing now calls for all your strength, and if there is more to follow, then the additional strength will be given. God's providence is both wide and tender, and the more you trust in it the sweeter will be your life, the brighter will be your hope, the fairer will be your general outlook, and the nearer will heaven seem to you. " Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

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