Menticulture - Organization

( Originally Published 1901 )

While Emancipation in the individual is worth more than all the wealth of the world to him without it, organization about the idea is desirable for the purpose of aiding others ; and, (through cooperation and the most perfect economics) lightening the burden of compulsory labor, in order that there shall be more time to devote to recreation and recreative labor.

Organization on the basis of Emancipation is sure to be the next great movement of reform and growth, in the light of whose strength, the puny efforts of the past will seem like the light of a tallow dip beside an electric cluster.

This will come ; not because I have discovered it for myself and am publishing an account of the discovery to my friends, but because the world has learned something of the powers at its command ; has learned the possibility of germ cure in physics ; has learned the efficacy of mental therapeutics in matters of both mind and body ; and is ripe for it. When I tell my friends my experience and deductions, they are prepared at once to accept them with credence. And so it will be with them and their friends, for logic and self interest are merits to commend it to all intelligent persons ; and, in the immediate future, it is not unreasonable to hope that Emancipation, as a basic condition favorable to growth and Brotherhood, may not be an uncommon accomplishment and requirement. I believe that it is one of the first steps urged in Christian Science and rendered possible by the belief, as it is in the Buddhist Discipline and Christian formula, and in the circle of my acquaintance there are already many believers in the possibility of Emancipation, who are enjoying its benefits; who find that it is the one little ingredient necessary to perfect their established beliefs, and strengthen their present affiliations ; and to whom it adds everything and from whom takes nothing.

All the members of religious sects; all the members of fraternal societies, as well as many of the disconnected seekers after intellectual and spiritual growth, should be eager to enroll themselves under the banner of Emancipation and if this should happen, the wished for Utopia of the most fertile imagination, would not be as remote as it has seemed to be in the past.

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