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Example Of Printed Sales Instructions

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Superior Service Spells Success

Employes are workers and allies of Service. Employes who regard themselves as important to the Industry, and strive to make the business more successful, soon become worth more to themselves and others.

The XX Code

This little booklet and the code was written for all of our employes, and by that we mean from the office boy to the Superintendent and up to the President himself—all employes should be guided by it.

It tells you what XX Code is and what it stands for—that its one aim is to give better Service in XX Stores.

When you read this booklet, remember that I am talking directly to YOU, think that we are facing each other in my office and that this is a little chat just between you and

Yours cordially,

Mr. XX, President.

The XX Meat Market is more than an ordinary market. It is, and I want it to be, a place where the public can buy food, such as meats and groceries at the lowest possible prices and not with only good service—but with the very "best" of service.

XX Stores do more than sell meats. A XX Store is a public service. Our modern method of merchandising has created interest not alone locally, but nationally, so you must realize that as a part of our organization you must be able to render this very best of service.

Whom must we serve? We must serve the customer, the customer who buys our meats and products. If we didn't have customers to buy our meats, we could not do business. The customers who buy meats in our stores enable us to make a reason-able profit. Out of these customers' money your salary is paid. So instead of thinking that Mr. XX is paying your salary, re-member once and for all that your customers are paying your salary.

So always remember that Service belongs to those who pay your salary—the public—and that is one thing we want you always to remember. The employee who forgets this does not remain very long with the XX Organization.

XX meat salesmen and all members of our organization there-fore always treat all customers with courtesy. We may sell our meats at the lowest possible prices—but you can spoil the sale by lack of courtesy. When I say "courtesy" I do not mean flattery, but a sincere courtesy which creates that good will of the public for which we strive and which we honestly try to deserve.

There are certain rules which all of the XX Organization observe.

1. We never argue with a customer, nor do we enter into an argument with a customer, but please the customer and satisfy her.

2. All of our meat salesmen always hid the time of the day to the customer.

3. All of our organization appreciate a sale made and we al-ways thank every customer if she buys a nickel or ten dollars' worth.

4. Our salesmen usually know also the names of all their customers and every customer should know that we want to know their name and we feel they will tell their friends about XX Store and Service.

5. All of our meat salesmen practice salesmanship. Customers appreciate when their attention is called to meats and other food products on which they can save money. Therefore our salesmen never say "Next" or "That's all" to the trade, but rather suggest something to the customer which will save her money. That is real XX Service.

Remember this—we sell meats, but we also render and give "Service," and it is my own desire and ambition to sell as much meat as possible and give the greatest possible service to the trade. That is the keystone of our Success.

XX Stores are known as successful stores. They are successful Stores because we were really the first to really "Merchandise" meats. We do not operate "Butcher Shops." Our sales-men may have been "Butchers" but they are now meat salesmen and they know it.

XX men and stores therefore must look successful. XX men know our rules of personal and store cleanliness.

1. XX salesmen shave every day.

2. They always look spick and span.

3. Their hands are immaculately clean.

4. Their aprons and coats are clean.

5. Their stores and windows are kept attractive and clean.

6. They know that windows must be washed at least three times a week.

7. Their tools, knives cleavers and machinery are spick and span.

In other words, let me again impress upon you that we want XX Stores to be leaders for service and cleanliness.

There is promotion for every man in our organization be-cause we open new stores constantly. Many localities in nearby states ask for XX Stores. That means we constantly need more men, more salesmen, more managers and Superintendents. Our policy is to build up from our own organization—to build from within, and the one who serves best will be most successful.

There is another important matter. We always welcome suggestions. I know a large organization such as ours has plenty of men who have ideas for better service, for some improvements or for better merchandising. I welcome ideas, so pass them on for your own benefit and for the benefit of the organization.

I hope this booklet will be kept by you—read it often, at least once a week and we feel that you will also co-operate with me to make XX Stores the stores of Good Meats, Low Prices, and the Best of Service to the trade and to the benefit of your-self.

Mr. XX,


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