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Pork And Pork Cuts

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The same principle is applied to hams, shoulders and bacon. When large quantities of such products are, bought, it is customary to classify pork cuts as adopted by the Board of Directors, Chicago Board of Trade, which is used as a packing-house standard in the cutting and packing of pork products. The Board of Trade regulations cover practically all pork products for domestic consumption and for export.

Wholesale and Retail Cuts of Pork

The United States Government, in Department Bulletin No. 300, gives the various standard retail cuts and has classified them as follows :

Domestic-cut hams may be regular or short-cut, skinned, or long-cut hams.

Cuts made from sides are short ribs, extra short ribs, rough short ribs (hard side), rough short ribs (soft side)., regular short clears, regular short clears (square cut), extra short clears, rib belly, clear belly, rib back, clear back, fat back, spare ribs, pork loins, brisket and loin butts.

Domestic cuts made from the shoulder are picnics, New York style shoulder, New Orleans style shoulder, skinned shoulder, three-rib shoulder, blade shoulder, Boston style butts, boneless butts, picnic butts, regular plates and clear plates.

Jowl butts and No. 2 bacon squares are derived from the cheek.

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