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Hog - Establishing Cost And Selling Prices

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Test Sheets Nos. 204 to 223

20 Cutting Tests on Shipper Hog at Different Cost and Selling Prices

Hog Cutting Test

The hog cutting test for establishing cost and selling prices was based upon an 86 lb. dressed shipper hog, divided into retail cuts. The principle used in establishing cost and selling prices is the same as applied in the beef tests, namely, a first or PRIME cost, and then an ACTUAL cost is established. There is very little shrinkage and loss in cutting a hog, as practically every-thing can be used for some purpose, therefore the difference is not very noticeable.

Hogs are cut very much alike all over the country, and the retailers who do not follow the standard method of cutting will find this a very interesting guide for establishing their own cutting test, The percentages given for hams, loins and shoulders should not always be taken as a final figure, because that difference depends greatly upon the type of hog cut up.

Hogs are principally divided into two classes or types, the lard hog and the bacon hog. One is desirable for its large percentage of fat and the other for less lard and more bacon.

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