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Lamb - Establishing Cost And Selling Prices

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Tests Nos. 181 to 203

20 Cutting Tests on Lamb at Different Cost and Selling Prices

3 Cutting Tests on Loin, Chuck and Boned Lamb

at Different Cost and Selling Prices

A choice lamb weighing 46 lbs. was taken for the example of a cutting test to arrive at percentages for establishing cost and selling prices. This test may be considered typical of the average style of lamb cutting. Lamb is cut practically alike throughout the United States with the exception of some localities where the shoulders are raised and shoulder may be boned.

The test sheets cover a great variation of cost and selling prices, and methods of arriving at a correct cost and selling price are based upon the same principle as described in the chapters preceding tests on sides of beef.

Three cutting tests are also given on a loin of lamb, chuck and a chuck bone, which furnish a very interesting guide for establishing of cost and selling prices.

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