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Retail Beef Cuts - Establishing Cost And Selling Prices

( Originally Published Early 1900's )


Baltimore Style of Cutting

Test Sheets Nos. 41 to 60

The side of a steer used in working out the tests for the Baltimore style of cutting was of good grade and weighed 310 lbs. The cutting test was made by representatives of the United States Department of Agriculture and has been reproduced through their courtesy.

There is not very much difference between the Baltimore style of cutting and that of the mid-western style. The difference is principally in the rounds and sirloin. Many sections in the east divide the round into top round and bottom round. The top round is sold for steaks and the bottom round for pot roasts. Another difference is the sirloin tip or top sirloin mentioned in the Baltimore style of cutting. In the mid-western style, part of this top sirloin is cut up along with the beef loin as sirloin steaks.

Comparing the Baltimore style with the midwestern style, there is only a slight difference in the final results. The actual cost price and the actual average selling price per pound show only a fraction of a cent difference. The percentages of the wholesale cuts are slightly different from those of the Chicago or mid-western method of cutting. This is due to the additional wholesale cut called top sirloin or sirloin tip.

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