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Citizenship And Suffrage

( Originally Published 1918 )

Naturalization, or citizenship, is governed by national law, which provides that no alien shall be naturalized until after five years' residence.

Suffrage, or the right to vote, while conferred on women by the Nineteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution, is, nevertheless, governed, as to qualifications, by the laws of the different States.

A Naturalized Citizen is not entitled to vote unless the law of the State where naturalized confers the privilege upon him, and in many States an alien may vote six months after landing, if he has declared his intention, under the laws of the United States, to become a citizen.

Inhabitants of Insular Possessions.óBy the act of 1900 creating Hawaii a territory the inhabitants were declared to be citizens of the United States. The inhabitants of the Philippines and Porto Rico are entitled to full protection under the constitution, but not to the privileges of United States citizenship until Congress so decrees, by admitting the countries as states or organizing them as territories.

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