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Best Trees To Plant

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Among the most popular and best for planting around the house are Basswood, chestnut, American elm, horse chestnut, sugar maple, locust, honey locust, white pine, Norway spruce, Kentucky coffee tree, various magnolias, yellow wood, catalpa, golden chain, great laurel, red maple, white oak, pepperidge, sweet gum, whitewood, paper birch, yellow willow, mountain ash, maidenhair tree, shadbush and Judas tree. Many of these are highly attractive because of their flowers, others are interesting because of their color and almost all are beautiful in their foliage. Many of them can be secured in nearby woods and often from nurserymen at very reasonable prices.

One thing about planting trees around the home is to avoid using too many. It is better to use two or three of one kind in agroup than to scatter the specimens over the place and thus give a nursery effect rather than a home effect.


In most farm gardens there is room enough for at least a few trees. These should be well chosen and planted as early as possible after the site for the house has been determined. If the house is already in place and trees are not around it, they should be planted in spring or fall at the earliest chance. Every year these will be growing more and more attractive until they become full grown, when they will add to the homelikeness of the place more than any other one class of plants.

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