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Vegetables - Watercress

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Watercress is an aquatic plant whose long-leafed stems are used largely as a salad. It is of the simplest cultivation where the soil is very moist. It does best, however, in running water or the edges of brooks. All that is necessary is to sow seed along margins of the brook and let the plants take care of themselves. After once being started the plant readily propagates itself either from seed or by slips of the root. These slips may be pushed in the soil and allowed to take care of themselves, Often watercress becomes a nuisance where it clogs the flow of small streams. It is in its prime during late fall and early spring. When it begins to flower it is rather too pungent for popular taste. In many places where the streams do not freeze severely this plant may be had all winter in perfection.

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