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Vegetables - Endive

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Endive is used as a salad during the late fall and winter. It resembles dandelion in habit and growth and has a similar bitter taste. It is sown and man-aged in the same way as lettuce. For early summer use the seed is planted in the spring and for late use in July. Usually the leaves are blanched by being tied lightly above the crowns of the plants when the plants are nearly full grown. About three weeks is needed for this process. It is best that the plants be tied only in small numbers at a time for home use, because the hearts are likely to rot shortly after being blanched, particularly in warm weather. At the approach of severe cold weather the plants may be set in boxes in a cold cellar, where they will continue to produce white. leaves until mid-winter. One of the best known varieties is Green Curled.

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