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Storing Fruit

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"After trying many different methods of keeping the winter supply of vegetables," writes L. Hunt of Orleans County, Vermont, "I have settled upon the following plan as best suited to my needs: Apples I tried in barrels, boxes, and wrapped in paper on shelves. I then tried spreading them out not more than three or four deep on the cellar bottom, which is of soil and dry. Wealthy apples picked early, before they become fully ripe and mellow, will keep until March. Last year some were on hand the first of May. They were juicy and crisp, but had lost their tartness somewhat. I find that all fruit intended for long keeping should be gathered before fully ripe. The flavor is not so good, of course, but this is more than offset by the increase in keeping quality.

" All cellars for the storage of fruit and vegetables should be as cold as possible without freezing, and should be aired as often as the outside temperature will admit. If inclined to dampness quantities of air-slaked lime should be placed there in boxes or pails. This will absorb the moisture and gases and keep the cellar dry and sweet. From time to time through the winter I sort my apples and take out all that have begun to decay. These I feed to the hens or pigs. The fruit lying next to that which has begun to decay will be injured in flavor and likely to rot."

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