Last Rhodesian Skull

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

In the summer of 1921 a very interesting find was made in a cave on the Broken Hill property in South Africa. This was the skull, but without the lower jaw, and a number of bones of a new species of Homo intermediate between the Neanderthal Man and the True Men (Homo Sapiens). The skull was but little mineralized; its owner may have been alive but a few thousand years ago. This newly discovered creature (Homo Rhodesiensis), this Rhodesian Cave Man, had, so far as these remains show, none of the special characteristics of a Neanderthaler; its brain case, neck, teeth and limbs were quite in the human line. (We know nothing of its hands.) But the size of the upper jaw and its articular surfaces indicate a lower jaw of more than Heidelberg massiveness, and there are ape-like brow ridges that rival the Neanderthaler's. The creature seems to have been an almost human being with an apeish type of face. It may have survived to the human period, and have been contemporary with true men in South Africa.

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