Mussels (mariniere)

( Originally Published 1914 )

Wash the mussels in several waters, using a small knife and a brush that no particle of dirt may adhere to the shells. When they are perfectly clean put them in a large saucepan with a tumbler of cold water. Into this chop a young carrot, a sprig of parsley, and a large Spanish onion. Tie in a piece of cheesecloth a bay leaf, a little thyme, and rub the sides of the sauce-pan with garlic. Salt and pepper (paprika is excellent) Cook over a hot fire until the mussels begin to open. Then lift them into a hot dish and continue cooking the juice until the carrot and onion are done. Then strain off the liquid through a cloth and pour over the mussels. The onion and chopped carrot may be left in the liquid if desired. The Marinière will not be successful unless the mussels have been perfectly cleaned, as any grit that might adhere to them would settle into the sauce. When the de-sired weight has been reached and the diet has been relaxed, use a tumbler full of any dry white wine instead of the water and add a small piece of but-ter to the sauce.

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