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Eat And Grow Thin - About The Book

( Originally Published 1914 )

AS I have said, Mahdah's method is an ancient one known even to the young gentleman who drops off the tail-end of the ambulance. It is based on a scientific knowledge of food values. All that information you may get for yourself. Any reputable physician will tell you for a few hundred dollars to stop eating starch, sugar and the like. He will even draw up a pretty diagram in black and white. Or your little boy or little girl —if she, too, is out of the kindergarten can do it for you, after school. Only the fatting man or the woman who is "taking on flesh" is not much better off for advice or diagram. It is all very well to know one can't eat corn and pork and macaroni and those Southern Mammy biscuits; but what CAN one eat?

The Mahdah menus tell you exactly what to eat just what food values should be banked every day. The menus are composed. Each luncheon is complete in itself. Each dinner provides exactly the nutriment needed and in exactly the right proportions. And breakfast? Oh, we of the slim waisted gracilities breakfast on a cup of yellow tea or a cup of black coffee or a dish of fresh, ripe fruit.

With these menus the housekeeper may set a table at once non-fattening and delicious. From these menus the man who dines in the restaurants may select what tempting dinners he pleases and get thin by eating them. For (it cannot be said too often) these menus were devised by an expert and accomplished dinner-maker ingeniosa ad gulam.

Of course there are certain rules to be observed.

If you have bought this book from honorable motives (and not merely to read the preface) you will observe these rules; and if you do, you will find at the end of a few months say three that the image in your mirror will have lost twenty pounds. The many people here and in Paris who have followed this method have lost I state an average two pounds a week after the first three weeks.

Slowly little by little, pleasurably not sacrificing table-joys you will win back the winsome waist of youth.

Possibly, you say'?

Inevitably. It is axiomatic Fat foods make fat and lean foods make for leanness. And the Mahdah menus show the lean way.

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