A Perpetual Tonic

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"Fear hinders the free vibration of the life through the body by paralysing the life-force which is in it. To fear is to lessen your spirit's hold on its godhood. To fear is to lose confidence in the power of your own spirit to hold you and to keep you in perfect harmony. To fear is to weaken your spirit's hold on its supply God. To fear is to place yourself as a servant to all those things that are beneath you.

"There is no cause for fear, as man is made with the possibility of generating all power within himself. He masters every condition by keeping himself so positive that he can attract to himself only the best of all knowledge, all power and all harmony. He can then mould all circumstances to his desire. He does this by his knowledge of the law of attraction, like attracting like. If he holds within himself only supreme desire, or godlike desire, he can attract to himself only superior powers and supreme gifts. But he must constantly hold himself as supreme, never forgetting for one moment that he is one with God." Elizabeth Deuress.

WE have discovered long ere this that the treatment of fear and the development of courage, to be successful, demand far more than the mere reading of a book. Doubtless, even a rapid journey through these pages has revealed the possibility of high courage in all, has even inspired, now and then, genuine if temporary moods of real fearlessness; but the courage that surely justifies our work is 'a growth within the deeper self, is therefore permanent, and is always all-round for all occasions. Such a psychic power demands two things, speaking, generally:

Instruction in exactly what to do and how to do exactly that the standing motto of the Power-Book, Library.

A consciousness of adequacy that is really vital, since vital education is the evolution of consciousness the foundation-principle of all the Power-Books.

The instruction given in preceding chapters meets the first requirement. Vital consciousness of courage can only result from work in the regimes set forth according, of course, to personal needs. By constant practised thought and iteration of ideas and inspirational sentences, day after day, month after month, a personal spirit and a mental attitude are developed which more and more realize the opposite of every sentence in the first paragraph of the quotation pre-ceding this chapter, and the full affirmative of every statement in the second paragraph of that quotation. Thus we come to our


You are invited to repeat the affirmations given below, in their order, daily for long, until they represent your real mood, deep and permanent:

Section One. 1. "My courage induces free vibration (or action) of the life throughout my body by inspiring the life-force within it."

2. "My courage strengthens my spirit's hold on its godhood."

3. "My courage inspires within me confidence in the power of my own spirit to hold me and to keep me in perfect harmony."

4. "My courage strengthens my spirit's hold on its supply the Infinite."

5. "My courage makes me master of all those things that are beneath me."

Section Two. 1. "I, as human, possess the practical possibility of generating all power within myself."

2. "I master every condition by keeping myself so positive that I attract to myself only the best of all knowledge, all power and all harmony."

3. "Thus positive (never negative), I can mould all circumstances to my desire."

4. "Like attracts like, and I, holding within my-self only supreme, or godlike desire, attract only superior powers and supreme gifts."

5. "In the profoundest way I am conscious now of being at one with the Universal Forces of Power and Life!"

6. "I am! I am Power! I am Courage!"

So closes our study. We now know that fear is in no way essential to life, and that courage is the rightful heritage of every human. Let us, then, all highly resolve


"To fear no evil;

"To be myself always, at my best;

"To live my own life, freely and fully;

"To think my own thoughts, vigorously and honestly; "To achieve whatever high things the law of cause and effect, working within me, and rightly directed by me, may bring forth for wealth, position, friends, happiness and power;

"To repudiate in toto the legitimacy, and to banish the thought of fear, lest I be too confident against evil, too much myself, too free in life, too honest in thought, too successful, or influential, or popular, or happy, or full of power;

(" For this, the notion that confidence in self and real success may need or invite a fall, a disaster, a discipline, is about the subtlest and most baneful heresy in life).

"All things good, true and beautiful are mine! "I am! I am Power! I am Courage!

What I have written, let it stand. I believe it. May you also believe, and believing, feel

I am the courage of the soul Harmonic with the Perfect Whole.

Good fortune go with you!


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