Application Of Pyschic Demand

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

So far as the ultimate progress of man is concerned, the application of psychic demand needs in our thought no modification. Ultimately, man will receive what-ever his rightly-unfolded nature claims of the Infinite Reality.

So far as any individual life is concerned, the out-working of the law is limited by three factors: the individual's practical sanity or common sense, his ability to make his demands intelligently, reasonably, concentratedly, and so on as stated in our analysis, and his ability to believe, that is, feel, the demand as assured and so to actually draw to his aid Infinite Reality.

While no man can achieve the impossible, and each of us will always have much to learn and more and more of the self to unfold, yet we may rest assured of the truth as follows:

1. You can discover your psychic power only through a lifetime of effort;

2. The more you strive to utilize the Infinite Reality, the more will the power develop through response realized;

3. The more experience instructs, the more will your life infallibly exhibit the effectiveness of psychic demand.

The importance of these considerations induces;

A PRELIMINARY INVITATION: The discussions thus closed should be read and pondered many times. As you come completely to understand the truth, humanly speaking, and especially as you continue to apply it to your life, you will find growing up within you a great confidence and a deep and brilliant courage to cope with the present and to face the future.

And above all, the life which will thus be induced in thought and action will continually so affect the two media of existence, the Universal Ether and the Infinite Reality, that the logical future sequences and their interactions will infallibly react upon you, both for happiness and for welfare.

Were I not absolutely convinced of the truth of this conception, I could not venture it in these pages. I know nothing truer, saner, surer or more practical for dispelling the fears that relate to the future or for the culture of courage in regard to events. We come, then, to the event-fears, so long held over from the pre-ceding chapter, fear of accident and illness, fear of poverty, fear of final failure, fear of the loss of friends. We take up these fears in the order named.

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