Adjustment To The Infinite Reality Required In Psychic Demand

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The right adjustments of physical science are familiar to all. The right adjustment which man must make to the Infinite Reality is Harmony of thought and action with the Reality conceived as Source of all values — which is equivalent to Harmony with the best possibilities of the self and others who are also in such harmony. This is the ideal. And the. instrument by which that harmony is lawfully made effective in human life — your life — is psychic demand.

For, observe! The infinite means to and for you: health, prosperity, unfoldment, psychic power. The only limits to these outcomes in your case are your sanity and your ability to establish the harmony indicated and to develop and maintain all-conquering demand — of course, within the laws of the nature of things.

The Founder of the Christian religion said: "Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." This states the law of psychic demand. "Whatsoever things ye desire"—desire clearly, definitely, positively, singly, exclusively —"when ye pray,"— when ye intelligently, concentratedly, reasonably and rationally demand or claim,—"believe"— demand feelingly and confidently —"that ye receive them,"— not may, might, could, shall, receive in some uncertain future, but,—"receive them,"— are even now entering upon the realization,—" and ye shall receive them"— shall then, during adjustment, during demand, during the assurance, have them.

This is a stupendous proposition. In the realm of religion, it has a personal guaranty. But in the realm of human and Infinite inter-relations, it has the guaranty of the law-nature of the Universe.

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