Golden Regimes Of The Masterful Self

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

You are urged to practise for long the following regimes:

FIRST - THE GOLDEN REGIME OF INNER ETHERIC CONTROL. This regime consists in the constant reiteration, until it becomes the habituated idea of the self, of the affirmation : "I am now under perfect self-control, quiet, powerful, fearless; my own etheric activities being regular and harmonious, and all incoming movements being reduced to order and subject to my will." This sentence, or the substance of it, really and confidently pronounced by the self, will quiet any burst of anger, quell any impulse of fear-feeling, establish your inner personality against any evil influence, and in time bring you to splendid mastery of your entire self if only you will persist in the regime and act accordingly.

SECOND - THE GOLDEN REGIME OF THE IMPERIAL WALL. You have it in your power to build around your personal ether-sphere a wall which no influence can penetrate while you are on guard (as you may habitually in the subconscious self become), without your consent. You are invited to try the method following, asserting daily from time to time: "I am not only master of my personal sphere of the etheric activities, but the subjective self of me is learning how to obey my orders to wall out, by imperial degree, all things contrary to my best interest drawing a circle beyond the outer circumference of that sphere more potent and impenetrable for protection than the mystic ring of Rome, so that I, with-in the confines of my own kingdom, am secure from all assaults suggesting a fear or threatening evil. The king may not be disturbed in his castle, and I am the king." This regime will ultimately give you remarkable. power in repelling the psychic assaults of life, both from human beings and from invisible hostile forces. Remember, and lay hold, and conquer!

THIRD -THE GOLDEN REGIME OF FRIENDLY INVITATION. YOU are now urged to make the following a lifelong habit. In this regime you affirm for many months: "Master of my own personal field of etheric activities, and surrounded by the Imperial Wall of Exclusion against all seen and unseen hostilities, I, nevertheless, preserve the utmost friendliness toward all existences that are in harmony with human welfare, and I send out to all the world the cry of Peace and Welfare, and I open the Imperial Gates to every good and helpful influence, my Citadel being even now a centre toward which the Universal Forces and human helpfulness flow steadily and unceasingly. With all right lives I harmonize! To all honest souls I go out in the spirit of friendliness. All etheric movements meaning human happiness I receive and bring into relation with my own. Peace to the world, and co-operation!"

The purpose of these regimes is evident. If you will observe them, you will infallibly find yourself coming more and more to golden mastery of the self in all your outlook on human life. In the meantime, the Iron Regimes, which are practical in a detail sense, will reinforce the Golden Regime and prove immensely valuable in the growth of courage.

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