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Secret Of Fear And Its Love Is Wrong Living

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

By so much as life becomes right, by so much does brotherhood obtain, theoretically and practically. If you insist that the right life may nevertheless call any human being inferior, not, of course, as a matter of mere judgment, but as a matter of superior feeling on your part, try it at the instant you lift your thought to your God whether Ra, or Jehovah, or Father, or All-Good, or the Infinite. The moment you do that, you are out of harmony, and either your higher feeling or your sense of superiority dies in your soul. The world distinctly demands that a man's religion, or philosophy, or theory of life shall square at top and bottom: the thought held about any man or woman thoroughly consistent with the loftiest ideas we know. This squaring process levels humanity, not down, but up. Wrong living throws the square out of true and thus makes love of fear a hideous possibility. If you think much of your little self and your little office, and so cause people to be timid in your presence, you are wrong at heart, no matter what your profession of greatness may be.

Man-fear is the product of centuries of wrong living somewhere among human beings. It is the wrong life of ages that has made man a tryant and a coward. No one who is living the harmonous life, really and finely, need inspire fear in others, and no one so living has justifiable occasion for timidity in the presence of anything human, because genuine people are never fearful and the other class are not worth a moment's pain.


These considerations, however, suggest that after all the practical occasion for timidity obtains within the self. The trouble is purely a personal habit. You have established your soul in timidity by your own thought and conduct. In some way you have gotten the thought into your mind that you are timid, and you have always acted on precisely that assumption. Thus the thought is now habitual, and conduct corresponds. Had you not at some time in the past thought or felt "shrinking," and yielded thereto, then and ten thousand times since, you would not now be timid in the presence of mere people. You have trained yourself to be exactly what you are. You have educated your mind to think and feel timidity instantly in certain presences, and have always immediately yielded to such impulses. You have developed fear-tendencies in your nervous system by entertaining the thought and surrendering to it. Your timidity is a habit self-induced. If you say, "I was always thus; it's in the blood; it was my father's great difficulty," the answer is, nevertheless, that you have made an inherited tendency a personal habit. And if you say, "I have tried all my life to overcome this difficulty, to banish the thought and to act the part of courage, but I have failed," then you have proceeded along wrong lines or with imperfect methods, or you have not really tried. Do you know what "trying a thing" means? It means doing the thing. Thus we come to our particular remedies.


One failing on the part of timid people consists in regarding the faults of others as excuses for fear. If human beings were not so cold and hard and distant, you would not be timid in their presence. Such is often your thought. It means, "If the world would but reform, and if men and women would only run after me, and handle me as though I were an infant, then the occasion for my timidity would not appear, and I would be as bold as anyone." But this attitude looks for the remedy in an impossibility. The world will not reform in your lifetime, nor will many busy people take the pains to adjust themselves to your unnecessary shrinking. The real remedy lies with yourself. Methods which are to succeed must be self-applied. The trouble is your own; you alone must take care of the matter. You are urged, therefore, to insist upon yourself as alone your fountain of power, the master of all cures for all fears known to man. If you will thus begin, patiently applying the remedies here suggested, the outcome is infallible your happy freedom from the distress of your life. Kindly observe, then, the following suggestions, remembering that time and persistence assure you ultimate victory.

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