All Power And Truth Now Possessed

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Venturing to repeat a suggestion of the last chapter, I commend to you, in connection with the preceding paragraph, the proposition that if you background in the Infinite, who wells up in the normal consciousness of right personality, all the power you will ever attain you now possess. It is there within you in fulness, and you need but to draw on the Infinite Fund, that is, to assume that it is yours and use it freely as you require. This, in part, is the meaning of unfoldment. We do not create power, we do not develop new power, through unfoldment; we merely unroll, unfold, discover and use, that which we already possess. And if the conscious self rests on the Infinite, as the lotus rests on the Nile, we possess, if only we could but discover it, all the power there is. There is nothing of a non-physical nature (such alone we want) which you can ever do, so far as mere power is concerned, that you may not do here and now provided, you discover the fact and proceed to use the power you think you possess.

This discovery and use come only of faith; that is, be it noted, not from a single act of belief or trust, but from the totality of yourself in its right attitude toward the Infinite and the Universe. For always you are your faith. If you are fearful, negative, yielding, con-fused, so is your faith. If you assume courage, positiveness, aggression, harmony, your faith is exactly equivalent. Your faith is what your self is. You may become a greater self by assuming and insisting upon greater attitudes toward yourself as a manifest of the Infinite, and acting accordingly. If you assume to be one thing or another and try to carry out the assumption, you will become what you began with as assumption. In all this process you are simply unfolding your ever-existing possession. You are timid, bashful, diffident, retiring, shrinking: that is always your assumption and confession. You have the feeling indicated by the words. But the feeling is your own creation. So long as you create fear-thought, you will be exactly what you insist you are. If, on the other hand, you assume yourself to be, not a Sabara who must bow down to or tremble in the presence of every supposedly superior person, but a son or daughter of the Infinite, a manifest of the Eternal, and thus possessed now of all the power you require, your assumption and attitude will transform yourself, your faith and confidence will inevitably increase, and your day of freedom will surely come. This is law, and it is more certain than the law of gravitation.

It is precisely so with regard to truth. (I am not speaking of mere fact.) When you discover a truth inherent in the nature of things, you say: "Why, of course; this is so. It ever has been so. It seems as if I had know this truth always." You have always known that truth, when you come to think of it. Essential truth is wrapped up in the human spirit because the human spirit is the Infinite welling up in the finite personality. When such a truth is discovered, it is seen to have come up from below in that self which is a manifest of the Infinite. No essential truth would ever look new to us had we never known error. The Man of Galilee exhibited no surprise at any self-discovery or at any discovery in Nature. Always had the truth been his. So thoroughly was he in harmony with truth and the Infinite that he said: "I am the truth!" Any human is the truth so far as he acquires the truth-consciousness through harmony with the Infinite.

This discovery of essential truth, again, is in part, the unfoldment of the self. If you assume that you are mentally inferior, you "batten down the hatch" of the soul, and forbid consciousness its rightful freedom, and prevent those up-comings which are discoveries and unfoldments and so compel yourself to remain shut-in, timid, fearful. It is yours to see that you possess the same nature of soul that others possess, and that you now own all the power you need, and that you now hold within all the personal truth of the Universe. Why should you belittle yourself, then, and creep through life a trembler? You are truth awaiting self-discovery. So long as you doubt and hesitate, you have your reward. I say to you, "Arise, take up thy bed and walk;" call on your self for its limitless possessions of truth and power. Be worth while in your own thought; then you will be worth while in the presence of others.

Some of my readers will retort: "It is easy to write such suggestions, but a different matter to carry them out." Let the retort stand as correct. Nevertheless, I reply that I have myself fought this battle out and won, beginning with stammering timidity, suspicion and sensitiveness most acute, and am yet able to say now that so far as I know, and without wishing to pose for courage, because I regard this as but one of the virtues and not the most important in life, I do not indulge the fear-feeling for anything suspected in heaven, or earth or " hell." The suggestions of this book are all born of my own life and in no instance manufactured for these pages except as genuine products of experience.

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