Fear Of Timidity

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"You take notice either of the sweat of him who praises you or of the desire of the suppliant."—Hymn to the Storm Gods, India.

"This mind of mine went formerly wandering as it liked; but I shall now hold it in thoroughly, as the rider who holds the hook holds in the furious elephant."— Buddha.

KAPILA'S Indian System, the "Samkhya," has a parable entitled "As in the Case of the Son of a King," in which a young prince was taken from his capital and brought up by a Sabara, or wild man of the woods. During his minority the young man believed himself a Sabara, and he acted accordingly. Later, however, it was discovered to him by one of the king's ministers that he was a prince. Then the young man banished from mind the idea of his Sabaralife, and forthwith began to conduct himself as the son of the king. Thus is illustrated the transforming power of thought.

The timid, bashful person is obsessed by an idea, or a brood of ideas, which must be banished and substituted by a better thought. In order to that two-fold end, I want to indicate to you, whoever you may chance to be, your personal reality and the actual relations you sustain to the Universe in which we live.


Infinite and Eternal Reality has manifested itself in two forms at least. One form is that of Nature or the Universe, which I conceive as the complex Thought-System of an Infinite Thinker. The Christian Bible says, speaking of the creative Son, "Upholding all things by the word of his power;" the Vedanta of India employs similar language in declaring, "He who is intelligence itself and subtler than the thread of the lotus-fibre, He who pervades the Universe" "There is one eternal Thinker thinking non-eternal thoughts." A second form in which Infinite and Eternal Reality manifests itself is that of finite personality. The human spirit, as one phase of such, feels instinctively, and imperiously insists, that it is no mere "wild man of the woods," but is personal, and, for that reason, superior to Nature because Nature, though a complex Thought of the Infinite, is seen to be a theatre in which the soul comes to development. The self of man is held to be in some sense an "image" of the Infinite Personality. As a personal manifest of the Infinite, therefore, the human spirit backgrounds on the Eternal Personal Reality. When this thought is grasped, it is clear that consciousness, the sum-total of the activities of the inner self, must be fathomless, since, no matter how deeply we may penetrate into such inner activities, there is always the self below them, manifesting them, and thus having the consciousness. The self seems to disappear in the Greater — the Infinite. The Infinite wells up, so to speak, in man's right personality. Each of us becomes, now, a permanent personal Thought-Action of the Greater Reality, so far as our fundamental human nature is concerned. You find yourself, as a human personality like all others, a manifest of the Infinite, having a destiny in your own control of endless unfoldment because you are a real personality. You are a son or a daughter of the Eternal. You are no Sahara,' to bow down or tremble before "kings, priests or gospelers." Your relation-ship to the Universe and its Creative Thinker is royal and by the Universal Brotherhood conceded. Why should you be timid?

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