Friendship's Fears Are Foes To Friends

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

You are therefore invited to remember how inevitable it is that worry, anxiety, panic about our friends, convey fear, confusion, and weakness to their personal atmospheres, and hence you are urged to uncover and destroy all such enemies of true friendship and to re-place them by confident and courageous reason.

If this mere action of reason seems cold and the opposite of a true friend's regard, you are urged to ask if the attitude of the Infinite toward man contains one hint or shadow of these disturbing fears, and if the Infinite Reason back of that infinite regard which the Divine, if there is a Divine, exercises in the government of the Universe, could conceivably be safer or warmer by the presence of any possible variety or degree of fear. For one majestic conception awaits the fearing soul, to which I surrender:

The Human Self Exists on the Infinite Self, as the lotus bloom was said to rest on the heart of the Pharaoh, and all our human fears show that we have not yet come into our marvelous rights as living manifests of the All-Good-God. Does the Infinite Breather Who breathes stars and intelligences into being fear, worry, entertain disturbance in the interest of human beings? And does not the Infinite hold every creature's welfare in absolute regard? Some of you may answer, "I do not know." Then, friend, you have missed the highest right of your life. If your existence is due to the Infinite's presence within you, you need but the realized thought: "I am a manifest of the Infinite Life, to use the right way or the wrong way," to see how inconsistent and unnecessary are all your fears. Says an ancient Indian Upanishad: "There is one ruler, the Self within all things, who makes the one form manifold. The wise who perceive him within their self or soul, to them belongs eternal happiness." If the White Life does not fear for others, and if you exist on the bosom of that White Life, I cannot see how any man or woman may justly cherish the fear-troubles of life. And I write this, not as religion, but as philosophy.

If you say: " Who am I that I should be like God?" the answer is "Your deeper self is divine, and it is right to. realize the infinite fearlessness within you."


And now, the two-fold evil of this variety of fear before us will be manifest in a brief study of some of its common phases, as, for example:

Fear of the Parent for the Child;
Fear of the Child for the Parent;
Fear of Husband for the Wife;
Fear of the Wife for the Husband;
Fear of Friend for Friend;
Fear of Stranger for Stranger;
Fear for Neighborhood, State, Nation, etc.

In any of these cases, reasonable interest is of course legitimate and noble, but any form of fear which injures either the other party or self is invariably and necessarily an enemy to both.

The causes of such fears, speaking rather broadly, are found in an unhealthy tone of body or mind, which furnishes a perfect soil for the entire brood of fear-distress, and in excessive regard for others, a too vivid imagination, want of self-control, and confusion of the reason.

For these troubles I suggest the following remedies ;

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