Fear Of Self

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"One to confront the worlds and question them." Edwin Markham.

"No man should ever despise himself, for brilliant success never attends the man who lowers himself." Mahabharata.

BECAUSE our nature climaxes the evolution of animal existence, every human being is entitled, according to capacity, to a full measure of body-life, world-life, mental-life and soul-life. This proposition signifies your inalienable right to Health, Prosperity, Development of Mind and Wealth of Spirit, And, inasmuch as we are now in the world, inasmuch as there is no future life in actual existince, but only an endless present life and the world-phase of that life, that is, individual body, individual relation with other personalities, individual mental powers and individual moral capacities, each sphere of our existence is relatively important, so that every human has the highest right and is under the deepest obligation to live the Four-Fold Life of Health, Prosperity, Development, and Wealth of Spirit. Thus we begin the present chapter with the


I send you this message:

Whatever belongs to you in body-life;
Whatever belongs to you in world-life;
Whatever belongs to you in mind-life;
Whatever belongs to you in highest self-life

is your inalienable right. In the interest of personal courage, you are now invited to fill out each of these phases of your existence to the completest possible measure. This means, not that you are to live for the body alone, or for the world-life alone, or for the mental realm alone, or for the spiritual stage alone, but that you are entitled to live for all phases and to live richly and inspiringly in all realms for all goods possible there-in, right here and now. In order that such an ideal may be realized, two methods only are practical: first, the saturation of self with the conviction that the Four-Fold Right is surely yours; secondly, immediate and practical action in the interest of health, prosperity, development, and highest wealth of the self, as far as now possible in your case. And kindly remember that no man knows the limit of his own possibilities.

But the acquisition of these rights depends wholly upon the individual man or woman. Nothing really depends upon anybody else. No one should crave what he is not willing to earn. The Universe promises health to him only who harmonizes with psychic laws; prosperity only according to endowment and right effort; development only through mental adjustment to reality and proper exercise of powers; spiritual enfoldment only to him who lives the white life, or strives for what he believes to be right.

The central inspiration in all this four-fold life and the work indicated is found in courage.

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