Dual Health - Tone Of The Self

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed ."óBible.

STOICS of old defined virtue as "essential health and strength of mind, a right state of the soul agreeing with its proper nature."

Sound physical health is usually accompanied by feelings of buoyancy and optimism, and healthy-mindedness not only signifies "essential health and strength of mind," but involves also a "tendency which looks on all things and sees that they are good." We may distinguish this tendency as (a) voluntary, and (b) involuntary.

"In its involuntary variety, healthy-mindedness is a way of feeling happy about things immediately. In its symmetrical variety, it is an abstract way of conceiving things as good."

Practical mind-health, then, consists in "essential health and strength of the soul," together with a cultivated habit of affirming and realizing always the best things for one's life.

"In the unhealthy-minded, apart from all sorts of old regrets, ambitions checked and aspirations obstructed by timidities, it (the inner atmosphere) consists mainly of bodily discomforts not distinctly realized by the sufferer, but breeding a general self-mistrust and sense that things are not as they should be with him."

"In the healthy-minded, on the contrary, there are no fears or shames to discover; and the sensations that pour in from the organism only help to swell the general vital sense of security and readiness for anything that may turn up."

We may possess wholesome minds and optimistic spirits without being religious. Nevertheless, perfect health of soul demands of the deeper self (let our theories of "soul" be what they may) an attitude of harmony and trust which loves truth supremely, believes profoundly in the White-Life Goodness of Worlds, and seeks steadfastly to realize the "Central Will." The health-tone of the soul is a blending of soundness, happiness and spirituality in a broad and lofty sense.

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