How To Send Money

( Originally Published 1918 )

There are various methods of sending money. The choice between them is largely a matter of circumstance and convenience.

Bank Drafts. A draft on some reliable bank is by far the best and most business-like way to send large amounts of money. It is safe, convenient and cheap.

Postoffice Order. By postoffice order is also a safe and reliable way to send money. It costs a little more than to remit by draft, but it is equally secure, and more convenient, because postoffices are open at all hours of the day. Or an order may be sent by registered letter. (See United States Postal Service.)

How Money Is Sent by Telegraph

Telegraph offices are supplied with blanks for sending money, and to know just how it is done might be no small relief in an emergency. If by any accident one finds himself far from home and moneyless he can telegraph for money and get a remittance at once. The friend to whom the telegram is sent should take the precaution to satisfy himself that the message is from the per-son whose name is attached to it. He then takes his money to the telegraph office and makes out the following blank:


Chicago, Ill....19..

The Western Union Telegraph Company.

Pay to ......Dollars for me, subject to the foregoing terms and conditions, which are agreed to

Amount of Transfer, $
Telegraph Service
Other Service
Total $

As the within named ....... may not be able to produce proper evidence of personal identity, I hereby authorize and direct The Western Union Telegraph Co. to pay within named sum of dollars, at my risk, to such person calling for the same as the proper office manager or agent of said company shall believe to be said .......

(Signature) ..........

Charges of 1 per cent have heretofore been made on all sums of $25 or over, and for smaller amounts 25 cents in each case, but these rates are subject to change on account of war.

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