Bank Checks For Travelers

( Originally Published 1918 )

American tourists and visitors to foreign countries, and especially those who have experienced the inconvenience of having to carry their "ready money" in the form of letters of credit, postoffice orders, etc., requiring proof of the traveler's identity before payment, will appreciate the advantages afforded by the system of "Travelers' Checks" inaugurated by the American Bankers' Association.

Universally Available. By agreement between the American Bankers' Association and thirty thousand banks and bankers throughout the world the "A. B. A." checks are accepted at face value in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland, and in all other countries at current rates for London or New York exchange. Not only banks, but hotels, railroads, steamship companies, and sleeping car companies throughout the world, accept these checks at face value. Stores and shops generally in all countries accept them in payment of purchases.

The United States Government accepts the "A. B. A." checks as payment for customs duties. This arrangement eliminates the necessity of procuring United States money abroad, or leaving baggage in bond while money is secured after landing.

Denominations. The checks are issued in four denominations $10, $20, $50, and $100. Each check has engraved on its face its value in United States money, and its fixed equivalent in the moneys of the different countries, so that travelers know just what their checks are worth in the different countries, and are therefore protected against making mistakes in computing foreign exchange and exorbitant commissions of money changers.

Self Identifying. These checks dispense with delays and embarrassments in obtaining funds, because they are self-identifying, and those who deal with travelers know that it is safe to accept them. The holder's identity is established by comparison of counter-signature and signature, the checks being signed at the time of purchase and counter-signed in the presence of the person called upon to cash them.

Everybody is protected in cashing these checks, whether he knows the bank which issued them or not, because every check bears the acceptance of the agent of all the issuing banks, carefully selected and appointed by the American Bankers' Association.

Where to Obtain Checks. "A. B. A." checks are issued and sold by the principal banks of the United States and Canada.

Lost Checks. Currency or coin, if lost or stolen, is seldom recovered; but the "A. B. A." checks, if lost or stolen, will be replaced (if the purchaser has not counter signed the checks), after proper notice has been given by the purchaser, and arrangements made for the protection of the Bankers' Trust Company, New York City, on whom the checks are drawn.

Unused Checks. Any "A. B. A." checks not used may be returned by the original purchaser, and will be redeemed at full face value at the bank where purchased, or at the Bankers' Trust Company, New York.

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