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Popular Superstitions - Witchcraft In Surrey

( Originally Published 1884 )


In the vestry of Frensham Church, Surrey, hangs a huge cauldron, hammered out of a single piece of copper, supposed by Salmon to be a remain of the antient parochial hospitality at the wedding of poor maids. Aubrey supposes it to have been used for the Church Ales. Tradition reports it to have been brought from Borough Hill, about a mile hence; if anyone went to borrow any thing, he might have it for a year or longer, provided he kept his word as to the return. On this hill lies a great stone, about six feet long : the party went to this stone, knocked at it, declared what was desired, and when they would return it ; and a voice answered appointing a time when they would find the article wanted. This kettle, with the trivet, it is said, was so borrowed, but not returned at the time fixed ; and though afterwards carried, it would not be received, and all subsequent applications have been fruitless. Another tradition ascribes the place whence it was borrowed to have been the neighbouring cave, called Mother Ludlow's Hole. Tymm's Family Topographer, Vol. I.

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