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Popular Superstitions - Remedies For The Headache

( Originally Published 1884 )

The following receipt is literally transcribed from "The most excellent and perfecte homishe Apothecarye, or homely Physick Book, translated out of the Almaine Speche into English, by John Holly-bush. Collen, 1561." [See note 32] The credulity and superstition of the early practitioners of physic are so singular as scarcely to merit belief in the present more enlightened age. Yet even in this generation a garland of vervain worn for weeks or months is said to have cured the most obstinate and dangerous complaints : a proof that the reign of ignorance and folly has not yet ceased.


Set a dish or platter of tynne upon the bare head filled with water, put an unce and a halfe or two unces of melten lead therein, whyle he hath it upon the head. Or els make a garland of vervayne and wear it daye and night, that helpeth wounderfully.

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