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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Zinc ore, in the form of zinc blende, occurs widely distributed in British Columbia, and there are also several deposits in Ontario.

In the first-named province, zinc ores are found in workable deposits in the Ainsworth division of East Kootenay, and in the Fort Steele division of East Kootenay. Until two or three years ago no attempt was made to work this ore beyond occasional shipments of blende to the United States ; mined usually in the course of working silver-lead deposits, with which the zinc blende occurrences are usually associated. Now, how-ever, the question of utilizing the zinc resources is being very seriously considered, and it is probable that in the near future zinc smelting will be an important industry in British Columbia.

In addition to the above districts, occurrences of zinc ores have been reported from Vancouver Island, Texada Island, New Westminster division, Kamloops division, Illicillewaet division, and others.

In Eastern Canada the presence of zinc in workable quantities has been recognised in various places, among which are the Zenith Mine in the Lake Superior region, and the deposits on Calumet Island in the Ottawa River.

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