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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

BRITISH COLUMBIA. Gold and silver in British Columbia occur in diverse ways. In addition to the gold extracted from the alluvial deposits all over the province, there are a great many veins and other forms of deposits of auriferous and argentiferous minerals. In these, gold and silver are found associated in various combinations with the baser metals. For instance, there are ores from which gold, silver and copper are extracted ; then there are the silver-lead ores, silver-copper ores, as well as " dry ores," which are ores from which only silver is extracted.

Deposits of native silver and of silver sulphides have been found in various places in British Columbia, particularly in the Omineca district ; but the main sources of silver are the silver lead ores of the Slocan division, in West Kootenay, and those found in the Fort Steele division of East Kootenay. Silver is also produced from the copper-gold-silver ores of the Rossland and Boundary districts, where there are immense deposits of low grade ores.

Silver ores and silver lead ores are also found and worked in the Lardeau and Trout Lake district.

In Ontario, silver ores were first mined in north western Ontario, near the west end of Lake Superior. At one time the Thunder Bay district produced large quantities of silver : one deposit alone the Silver Islet Mine having produced about 3,500,000 dollars. Very little work is at present being done in this district, although the deposits are far from being exhausted.

The deposits of silver-cobalt-nickel-arsenic ores of the Cobalt region, which have been recently discovered, and have attracted the attention of the world, are situated in Ontario. The possibilities of this district, as well as of other areas to the north of it, as producers of silver and nickel, cannot at present be estimated. To realise the importance of these finds, it is sufficient to point out that the production in 1908 was about 17,000,000 ounces of silver.

In the province of Quebec, silver is extracted from the pyritous ores, which are mined near Capelton, in the eastern townships. These ores are primarily mined as sulphur ores for use in acid manufacture ; but they contain small quantities of silver and gold, which are removed in the process of treatment.

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