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Gold Bearing Quartz

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

In the Yukon some gold bearing lodes have been discovered, but so far they have not been worked to any extent.

In British Columbia there are two distinct classes of gold bearing ores, viz., the free milling ores : from which gold is the only metal recovered by amalgamation ; and the sulphide ores, which, being gold-bearing copper ores, are treated by smelting.

In this province, free milling ores are produced in the Nelson division of West Kootenay, and in McKinney and Fairview camps of the Yale district. The sulphide ores from which copper, silver, and gold are extracted by smelting are found and worked in the Rossland district, and in the Boundary country ; but they are low-grade ores, their total metallic contents varying in value between 10.00 and 15.00 dollars. But this is offset by the immense size of the ore bodies, and the low cost of mining. The gold content of these ores varies between one and three dollars.

In Ontario, free gold is found in the older rocks in the northern and western parts of the province. Numerous gold-bearing quartz veins have been worked in the following regions : Lake of the Woods, Shoal Lake, Rainy Lake, Seine River, and various parts of the north shore of Lake Superior, and other places. Several deposits have been worked in the older parts of Ontario, in the counties of Hastings and Frontenac. In Ontario the area occupied by rocks in which gold-bearing veins are liable to be found is enormous, and the possibilities are very great.

In Nova Scotia, the gold bearing rocks form a broad belt, varying in width from ten to seventy miles, and extending some 260 miles in length along the Atlantic coast. The gold is found in quartz veins, and is for the most part free-milling. Mining operations have been so far limited to veins outcropping on the surface ; but it is thought that the deposits attain great depths. There-fore, the gold industry in this province still offers great possibilities. At present, the yearly production is comparatively small : but it is probable that by systematic development of its gold deposits, more especially at depth, the province of Nova Scotia would make good showing as a gold-producing province of Canada.

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