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Other Minerals

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

It is only possible to mention the other minerals of economic importance, as it would take many pages to give even short descriptions of the deposits : --

IRON PYRITES : Found and worked extensively in Ontario and Quebec. Occurrences reported from British Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

APATITE : Found and once extensively worked in Ottawa, Labelle, Argenteuil counties, province of Quebec, and in Frontenac county, in Ontario.

BUILDING MATERIALS : Granite, limestone, sandstone, marbles, brick-clays, etc., are present practically in inexhaustible quantities in all the provinces.

GYPSUM : Very large deposits of gypsum occur in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and many are worked on a large scale. In some cases the faces of these deposits show thicknesses of gypsum reaching 90 and 100 feet. The product is used for manufacture of plaster of Paris and land plaster.

MAGNESITE : This mineral is used mainly in the manufacture of wood pulp for paper, as well as in the preparation of certain magnesium salts. It also constitutes a refractory material and can be used in the manufacture of fire-brick. A great many occurrences of magnesite are known in Canada, and at least two of these seem to be important. One in Atlin, B.C., and Pine Creek is very extensive, and another in Argenteuil county, in the province of Quebec, could also be worked, should need arise.

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