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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The largest known deposits of asbestos occur in the eastern townships of the province of Quebec.

In the production of this mineral Canada easily leads the world. The asbestos is largely of the long fibre textile variety, and is much prized. In 1908 the total product of the asbestos industry, including long fibre, short fibre, and asbestic, amounted to over 2,500,000 dollars. For a complete account of this important industry, the reader is referred to the report on " Asbestos ; its Occurrence, Exploitation and Uses," published by the Mines Branch of the Department of Mines of Canada.

Although occurrences of this mineral are widely distributed, there are only two fields which are being worked. One comprises parts of the townships of Thetford, Coleraine, Ireland, and Wolfeston, and the other is at Danville, in Richmond county.

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